The Golf Team’s Second Match

Our team’s second match was an “away” game up in Lexington (named for the MA town) with two other schools.  While the course looked easier than Benton’s, it did have its challenges with some very narrow fairway shots.  We had only two players able to attend the match, a strong player with potential and a relatively new to the game player who really needed coaching.  My logistical problem of how to follow the two who would be in different threesomes was solved when the stronger player’s parents showed up to follow his match.  While I saw virtually none of his round when I did see him he would report that  he was doing very well.  At the end of the round I learned that he had shot an 84 for the 18 holes, not only a very good score but one that qualified him as an individual to play in the State tournament which has a requirement of shooting 85 or better in order to qualify.

The other player, a strong-willed individual, finally realized as the round went on that it might be a good idea to try my suggestions to make his ball go up in the air and straighter versus how he had been hitting them.  Towards the end of the round, his ball was flying nicely about 200 yards. He even out drove one of the players in our group who had a fairly strong game.

It had been a tough decision for me to make as a brand new coach to have only two players go to a match as it does involve a day away from classes.  However, I really wanted our strongest player, who had shot a 99 in the first match (which was the best round of any of our 6 players) to get another event under his belt. Plus, our weakest player needed to understand that to get better he needed to realize he needed to change what he was doing. I felt that I had made the right decision by the end of the match.


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