Daisy the Therapy Dog!

A couple of weeks ago I came up with the thought that it might be nice to have Daisy and I go to visit the residents of a convalescent home in Yazoo City to cheer them up.  Pat happens to know the Director of the home from Rotary and called her to arrange for us to go down and see how things would go.

Two Wednesday’s ago Daisy and I loaded into the SUV and off we went on a new adventure.

We met with the Activities Director and Daisy was on her best behavior so we went to see one of the “Green Houses”.  I used a soft, short training lead on Daisy so she couldn’t wander far from me.  Since she is very responsive to my commands I hardly needed the leash, but it certainly made sense so as to make every one more comfortable with her.

She was a big hit, even with the cat lovers!  We spent only a couple of minutes with each of the 8 residents as this was the first time for all involved.  They all expressed a desire for her to come back soon.

This past Wednesday Pat went along with me and things went really well again. Actually even better as Pat recognized the last names of many of the people we met in three new houses we visited as she / we know their grown adult children or their grandchildren. Even the staff in the various houses perked up and showered attention on Daisy.  Surprisingly enough, Daisy just soaked it all in without much ado.

Tomorrow we go to visit the last two houses not seen so far and then to return to the first house.

One of the great things about volunteering is the truth in the saying, “The more you give, the more you get.”




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