Daisy Continues to Amaze Me

I am starting to realize that I may have to rate Daisy as the best Lab we have owned of the three that have been part of lives so far.

About a year ago I started to work with Daisy on a new kind of retrieval of an item in the water.  She is great when the items are floating but I wanted her to put her head in the water to pick up items in shallow water, specifically golf balls.  It took a little time and the requisite treats as rewards but she was making progress when the drought made our pond disappear and the water in the ditches on the golf, too.

This year I started again with some success but it was hit or miss.  I had to come up with a command for her to go for golf balls as I don’t want her to chase all the golf balls hit while playing golf, just the errant ones.  I decided on “Fore” as it is a golfing term and I wouldn’t be shouting it at her, which is how it is mostly used on golf courses to warn players in front of you if your ball that you didn’t expect it to is headed towards some unsuspecting player.

Then I had to take a break from playing golf for a while and by the time I started back up I thought I would have to start from ground zero again.  Much to my surprise she was really good at it from the get go.  I do believe she missed her golf days (she pretty much always accompanies our foursome twice a week) and was thanking me for getting back to the course.

And the best of all, she stuck her head underwater to get a ball that was visible in a ditch! More than once!  Plus, I have trained her to do retrieves for the other members of the Magpies.  I simply give each person a dog treat at the start of the round which they can only give her if she earns it.

Will she become the Top Dog?  Time will tell.


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