OMG;Pat does what she said she would never do – climb into a “stand”

Yesterday afternoon we went up to deer camp separately as I was helping my cattle ‘partner’ feed the cows.  I was only a little behind her but she really wanted to get out early  as the deer are moving in the cold weather.

When I deciding on where to go to hunt that evening I saw Pat had signed up to go to box stand that used to be Hugh Leigh’s favorite.  Then I saw a box stand at the opposite end of the ridge that she was on was open and went to that one.  It was a very quiet night as very few shots rang out anywhere near us.

On getting back to camp Pat said that she didn’t realize that Hugh Leigh could get into the stand that was his as it was so high up.  I looked at her and told her that she went to the wrong stand.  Hugh Leigh’s box stand is only two or three feet off the ground and one steps up two or maybe three steps to get into it.  She simply stopped at the first stand she saw, an elevated box stand twenty feet up in the air that requires climbing a steel ladder to get into versus walking down a couple of hundred feet more to the box stand.

There is an index guide on the photo map of camp indicating the various types of stands with a 🔲 for a box stand, a T for elevated box, a ∆ for a tripod stand and leaning stand.

Being anxious to get hunting, she actually climbed the 20 foot ladder and got into the stand!!!  With her not being crazy about heights I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

She had to admit that the view was quite impressive. It was too bad that nothing presented itself to her that night. However, getting down from the stand can be almost more intimidating than getting into them.  She did have the presence of mind to take all the bullets out of her rifle should it drop unexpectedly on its own.

Needless to say she slept well that night.


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