Daisy is about to be Featured in the Yazoo Herald!

I have written about Daisy working harder than me since I retired and here is another ‘job’ she does that at least she will get some great PR about soon:  She helps children with reading at grade level improve their reading skills by reading to her.

Pat had heard about a program that is having quite a bit of success where children read to dogs and the reading levels of the children improve.  I realized that at the Boy’s & Girl’s Club where I sit on the Advisory Board that this type of program could have possible benefit.  Starting this last October I got approval to try the program one day a week.

Until just recently we started doing it right after we would go visit the residents of the Green Houses, the senior assisted housing in Yazoo City.  While Daisy was a little overwhelmed by the children the first time or two as they would greet us when we came into the club, the children took to reading to her right away.

I realized that our coming one day a week was good, but the program could be expanded sho that hopefully someone could bring a dog each day for the kids to read to and improve their reading skills even better than once a week.  I had the opportunity to talk to the publisher of the local paper at the town Christmas parade and he liked the idea of a story about the program and the request for people to come on other days of the week.  He said that February was coming to be the month that he was planning on features like what the reading program is doing.

At a recent Rotary Club luncheon which Pat attends regularly, she discussed it with the publisher’s wife who unsurprisingly works for the paper and they decided that she will come on January 27 to do the story.

We have figured out that Daisy will have to have a bath and be groomed for her big day!




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