A ‘Tiny House’ Story

Gigi’s sister Nancy had a Tiny House before there were TV shows about them.  She owned a building lot next the home she grew up in when we moved down here 4 years ago and for various reasons decided to convert a shed into what in most cities would be a studio apartment.  Recently she did some renovations to it and started using a “draft log” (one of those tubular pillows that are used at the bottom of doors to stop drafts coming under the door) on her back door.

The other night she heard a noise at the back door in the middle of the night and thought it was her cat wanting to come in.  When she got to the back door there at her feet was her cat inside with her.  When she opened the door both her cat and she were surprised to see an opossum equally surprised to see her and a cat.  The door got closed quickly and Nancy thought that was the end of that.

The next morning when she opened the back door much to her surprise she discovered that the draft log that was on the outside of the door was gone!  Apparently the opossum had taken the draft log for its own home.

It reminded me of the TV ad where a ground-hog takes a diamond ring out of a golf cart and gives it to his ‘wife’.


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