A Southern Truck Salute Altered

Recently I was part of a conversation about a “guy” thing that truck owners do to acknowledge other truck owners.  It involves a way of saying hello to most times someone you know, but often times just another truck owner.  Most men who drive trucks down here drive with their right hand at the classic 10 o’clock position on the wheel.  When they want to acknowledge someone they make a form of a salute and raise the hand either off or almost off the wheel towards the oncoming truck.

As I don’t have my hands on the wheel in that manner and my reflexes are slowing down I am at a distinct disadvantage in doing a ‘back at you’ move. Plus, I am just not good at looking through oncoming windshields in different light conditions to see who it is behind the wheel of the oncoming truck.

In my conversation with the men I was surprised to hear one of the men admit that he wasn’t good at seeing through windshields, too.  Then another man told a story of a friend who did a two finger salute vs the more common three or more fingers until he had to have the tip of his right forefinger removed.  Then his 1 ½ finger salute was misinterpreted by more than one driver as a single finger salute that resulted in a couple of instances where drivers would do U turns and want to fight him over the greeting he had given them.

Needless to say he changed the way he saluted.


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