It’s Not in Storage Anymore!

Since moving down here in early 2013 we have had quite a few of our things in storage. While we thought we had disposed of a lot of ‘stuff’ by selling or donating it before our move, once we arrived we realized there was a lot more stuff to deal with than we thought we would have. So, at the high point we had 4 storage units rented one of which is climate controlled. Consequently we would be looking for a particular item and not be able to find it and then look at each other and say, “It must be in storage!”.

One item that we have been missing having around is a portrait of our first lab Bromley that Pat’ best friend Kathy did in pastels from a picture of Brom. I am happy to report that I went on a hunt to find it which was made easier by the fact that we are down to just the climate controlled storage unit with everything else either in our ‘new’ house or in the garage/storage shed/workshop.

I am happy to report that I found it and it is now proudly displayed in our great room.

Bromley 2017


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