A Surprise Puppy

Last weekend I had planned for two events on Saturday but ended up with a third event that was a surprise acquisition.  A friend, and golf buddy, is recuperating from back surgery and I was going for a visit but added a stop to pick up a CO2 pistol I had on order.  Pat decided to join me as she really likes my friend and his wife.  As I thought Jack might like to see my new pistol that was the first stop. And the beginning of trouble.

The owner of the gun store has a friend who is an archer and handles the archery business that is part of the business.  That man, Ted, also breeds and trains Labrador retrievers. As we walked into the store there were Lab puppies underfoot practically everywhere. My wife quickly determined which ones were already taken and picked up a yellow female.  The puppy melted into her arms. Now this was an indication of trouble as we had already decided that we weren’t going to seriously consider another dog until we returned from our son’s wedding in California in July.

Things got stickier when the owner’s wife said she called that particular puppy ‘baby girl’ as she was so sweet and kind.  When my wife said while she was tempted, but she let the owner’s wife know of our plan for July. To which the woman replied, “I’ll take care of the puppy for that period of time”.

We left the store with not only my new pistol but also a new puppy as the clincher was Ted, the breeder informed us he was having a Saturday special discount for that day only.

We settled on the name Grace as Pat’s favorite actress was Grace Kelly.IMG_20170325_171321_587-1


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