A Mystery Solved and a Celebration

While I don’t obsess about my statistics (well, maybe just a little bit), one thing that has mystified me is where are the views of 2 or 3 of people who I know read my posts but don’t show up in the “views”?  Then I realized that they signed up to receive my posts by email and I just confirmed with WordPress they don’t count those as they can’t guarantee that the emails have been read.

I have been closing in on the benchmark of 2,000 views for a while being currently at 1,975 and with the inclusion of just these 3 followers being added am then at over 2,600 views!

As one of the many people who have always considered writing a book but never started it, I have found enjoyment in sharing micro-novellas with all of you.  It keeps me going when a reader let’s me know that they enjoy my writing style.

Thank all of you for joining in on the ‘ride’.



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