On the Road Again – British style

My MG-B has been taking a hiatus for the better part of the year so far due to a small mistake on my part while trying to make an adjustment on the parking brake.  I forgot to turn the ignition off and the fuel pump was working away all night.  It turns out that did the poor girl in and I found out I needed a new fuel pump before I could go anywhere.

Not being the most mechanical of men, I put off the task until I had an offer to help put the new one in from a friend of Hugh Leigh’s, Paul Nolan.  I took advantage off a rainy day when I knew he wouldn’t be out with his bulldozer working in the fields.  The chore went fairly quickly and I got some great stories out of Paul about farm accidents and one about a man who apparently had a heart attack and was declared dead by the EMT’s and put in a body bag but left for the corner to come before being moved from the kitchen floor where he had fallen. As family started to come to console the wife / mother, a grandchild went to his grandmother and said “Poppy wants his dinner”.  When the boy’s father went into the kitchen he simply saw the body bag lying still. He called out, “Dad, are you alive?” The reply from the body bag was ” Get me out of this dang’ed dark place and get me some dinner!”  I said to Paul, “Well, this being Mississippi everyone had brought food over so at least he had a good dinner!”

With the rain storms just coming and coming, I only got out this morning to give it a test drive.  Good to be back on the road!


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