Maybe I’ll become a handyman!

I have always been willing to try home projects but with a new home there are lots of touches that need to be done now that we have been here for over two years.  With a front porch and a patio a ceiling fan seemed to be in order for at least one of the spots.  Finally a decision was made with the setting sun being the final input. Our patio faces west so in the evening it gets the sun as the front porch has a southeast exposure.

The instructions looked straight forward enough so I thought I would give it a go. My success rate with electrical projects has gone up over the years as it used to be 50% at which point I would call in an electrician.  It is now up to about 80% unlike my plumbing project success that still hovers in the 50% range.

Things went okay in the beginning until it was time to start putting the fixture up. It turns out the patio ceiling is actually the vinyl siding panels attached to a 2 by 4 wood frame.  They cut a very small hole in the siding to put up the existing light fixture but I knew the ceiling boxes were wired for ceiling fans.  That meant I had to widen the hole to attach the fan to the electrical box.  I used pruning shears to cut through the vinyl siding but hit a snag when I ran into two pieces of siding that were overlapped.  After two hours and the noon time sun starting to come around towards the patio I gave up for the day.

Patio before fan picture

The next day I made good progress and started to put the fan up.  New problems popped up with missing screws, the hole needing to be further enlarged, etc. Finally I got the fan up only to find I had used something I didn’t need for a flush mounting of the fan. At the end of the 2nd hour I decided to stop for the day after finding out that as close as I was to having it up I was one screw short of completion.

The third day I decided against calling an electrician and gave it one more effort and sort of forced a solution but actually had the fan work. Now all I had to do was put on the light.  The fourth day I got the light fixture on and realized it only took 6 and ½ hours.

Patio after fan put up


2 thoughts on “Maybe I’ll become a handyman!

  1. Dear Prince,

    Did you put up or was there a 2 x 4 between between the joist or a fan mounting bracket used? If there was a plastic box it may suspect.

    • Thanks for the question. I am happy to report that it is a metal box attached to a 2 x 4 and I was informed by the builder that everything was set for ceiling fans to be installed. I would have put the video I did for my sons of the fan in operation with the light on but I don’t have that option available to me in WordPress with my free blog site. 😀

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