The author grew up outside of NYC in a town that could be right out of “Mad Men”. His father worked on Madison Avenue for a number of ‘shops’ during the late ’50’s and through the ’60’s as a Creative Vice President (meaning the chief copywriter for a number of major accounts). My best friend from eighth grade on also had a very successful father. When my friend graduated from college and went to work in sales, his first territory was Mississippi. When he fell in love and got married, I was in his wedding 39 years ago. The wedding was held in Benton, MS and that is how I discovered Mississippi.

When I got married he and his wife came to our wedding. When the wives hit it off, the visits continued. My wife and sons have been coming to MS for 22 years. We even started coming for Thanksgiving every other year. My sons learned to deer hunt there (now here). My friend’s wife’s sister (April) breeds and raises registered quarter and paint horses and my sons came down summers to work with the horses and on their land for crops for the horses and cattle they keep.

Over the years we came to know and become friends with dozens of people. Even to the extent of being invited to weddings of people we are not related to. We came to the realization that this would be a good place to retire.

My goal with this blog is to share the discoveries, stories of people and places, food experiences and magic of what makes the South and Mississippi special.




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  1. Hi, Clay and Pat! Six years ago or so, I officiated and preached at your Anglican mission congregation in (was it) Manchester, NH. In the meantime, my cousin, Elaine Johnston Roark, has been living in Yazoo City for the last 60 years. Apparently, Pat recently met her. It’s a small world! I spent the best times of my childhood in the Delta while visiting my mother’s extended family. Like you, I have always found Mississippi to be downright exotic compared to most other places! Yours in Christ,
    Ken Cook

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