Onward to Onward!

Recently we did a road trip with Hugh Leigh and Gigi after a fairly long hiatus of them.  The main reason was Hugh Leigh hadn’t been feeling very well and when he finally relented and went to see the doctor they put him in the hospital in Yazoo City due to pneumonia.  Once there, they realized his heart was not pumping blood, which then doesn’t let the lungs work properly and the lungs start to fill up with fluid.  In other words it was time to send him to Jackson for heart work.

To keep it simple, he now has a couple of stents and is feeling a whole lot better!

Our trip’s itinerary was to have lunch at the Onward Store in Rolling Fork / Onward and then go down to Vicksburg to check out the site of a wedding reception site for Tim Nolan’s son.

In the famous words of a Vermonter, “You can’t get there from here” at least quickly to Onward.  It takes a little over an hour to get to Onward.  The Onward Store is known as a great place to eat, especially dinner but has a great lunch menu, too.  It really is an old, old general store that has a historic marker telling the tale of Teddy Roosevelt and a bear hunt that wasn’t much of a hunt as they could only find a bear cub which Teddy refused to shoot. However, the end result after the story hit the newspapers is that the Teddy Bear came into being as a doll maker made one up for Teddy’s daughter Alice. And, as they say, that is the rest of the story.

Pat and Teddy's Bear.jpg

Gigi ordered the fried catfish and when she tasted it said that it was the best catfish she has eaten. I asked, “Even better that Hugh Leigh’s?” To which she said, “Yes”.  It is because HL uses Simmons meal vs flour and she is a fan of flour vs meal.  I tried it and it reminded me of tempura which means that the oil used is very hot and also very good oil.

Then as we started back home a different way than we came, Gigi announced that there was her horse BMW in the field we were passing. She said that she had sold BMW and her favorite horse Pretty Woman so as to buy a Tennessee walking horse as the two horses were getting old but the person buying them wanted them for children who were beginning to ride.

As we drove we were also checking out flooding damage caused by the heavy rains we are experiencing this Spring. The rain, which has been good for corn and soy bean crops, has stunted the growth of the cotton which likes hot dry weather.  We had to loop down to Vicksburg which is where we saw the most flooded fields.

All in all, a very good days ride.


Oatmeal and ?

I am not sure how it started, and I may have had some small part in it as I try to make it taste like Maypo, but my wife adds things to oatmeal for breakfast.  It started off with normal things like fruit or nuts but then started getting creative and odd.  Cheddar cheese? Well, it is “extra protein”.  Bran? Extra fiber.

But, yesterday she wanted to clear her sinuses as so added wasabi to the cheddar cheese and oatmeal mix.  We had wasabi in the house not because we do sushi and sashimi at home, but for a dipping sauce that she recently learned about from Kay Mills and tried it out at the Benton Garden Club to a good reception.

I am not sure you want to try this at home, but she reports she thinks it did the trick.

Me and Mini-Me

This is Daisy getting used to the intruder into her space.

Mini-Me, aka Gracie, is about 9 weeks old and already coming to her name, my whistle and following Daisy every where Daisy goes, which often times is everywhere I go.

Dog training has never been so easy!

A Mystery Solved and a Celebration

While I don’t obsess about my statistics (well, maybe just a little bit), one thing that has mystified me is where are the views of 2 or 3 of people who I know read my posts but don’t show up in the “views”?  Then I realized that they signed up to receive my posts by email and I just confirmed with WordPress they don’t count those as they can’t guarantee that the emails have been read.

I have been closing in on the benchmark of 2,000 views for a while being currently at 1,975 and with the inclusion of just these 3 followers being added am then at over 2,600 views!

As one of the many people who have always considered writing a book but never started it, I have found enjoyment in sharing micro-novellas with all of you.  It keeps me going when a reader let’s me know that they enjoy my writing style.

Thank all of you for joining in on the ‘ride’.


Mobile Bird Nest Update

My wife looked in our bird book to find out what variety of wren has built a next in the grill of our Explorer.  It turns out it is a Carolina Wren and includes the fact that they like to build nests in unusual places, i.e. the bumper of a car.

A Bird Nest on Wheels

For the second year in a row a bird has built a next in the grill of our Ford Explorer.  This year, even though we use it almost daily, she was able to lay eggs in between trips to the store.

I feel like we should submit this as an ad for “Eat More Chik’en”  with the nest right behind the BEEF tag.

As I took these pictures the mama flew off the nest, so I moved quickly although I doubt the eggs will hatch.