The “Last” Phase of Building at 2015 Old Highway 16

While our house is wonderful, it does not have a lot of storage areas in it as there is no basement or usable attic space.  What does one do with 4 storage units of stuff located in Benton and Yazoo City?  You build a storage shed on your property!  And as long as you are at it, you make sure there is room for cars / trucks and lawn tractors.  Then, you might as well have a work shop space available in it, too, as it is not really feasible to do any projects in the house involving power tools.

We have an area behind the house in a wooded glade with a high canopy of trees that seemed perfect to me.  It is behind Pat’s bee hives and has a wide enough opening that I have been working on so we can drive our golf / utility to the shed if we are feeling lazy. Since the Mississippi motto is ‘Why Walk When You Can Drive?’, our cart (named Olive) will probably be very busy.

Here is a picture of the glade after a little bit of ‘dozer work

IMG_0499 IMG_0500

And now with the concrete slab completed

IMG_0510 IMG_0511 IMG_0512

On Monday, August 31 the company is arriving to put up the steel structure on the slab that is 41 feet long by 24 feet wide.

The finished structure pictures will be up on the blog soon after.


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